Crit for Good Crits

well heres a live recording but its what our first track for the Album will be like minus the vocals and drums

we are going to do a retake tommorow because we were just moving things around during this track and tweaking it sound. . . its really moreof a painin the ass the more complex the rig gets

if there is too much low end or whatever let me know, we already know the piano is too loud.
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Very beautiful song, I love the acoustic. The bass is good too, especially with the fact that I can actually hear it =D

Is this all meant to be one song? The part where it cuts out is kinda weird. Other than that, I guess it'd be nice to have some lead acoustic fills to blend in with the strummed acoustic chords. Not really much else to say except that this has a lot of potential

Crit for crit?