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Just wondering if when any of you guys play, if you conciously try to style yourself after a specific guitarist? Or is it mainly freeform and whatever comes to you?

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To be honest it shows wat bands you are in2 when you make up a riff because when you compose one you will be playing what you have been learning to play by copying ur fave bands. Did that make any sense?
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Blues wise, I get most of my influences from different slow, bluesy Hendrix songs. I listen to Ray Charles also so that may have an affect on my music.
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Alex Lifeson
probably my favourite guitarist
he inspires me
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For me its SRV, Hendrix, Jonny Lang, Rory Gallagher, John Coltrane, and Wes Mongomery.
My style is of the Blues/Rock/Jazz vein.
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I've been playing a lot of Allman Brothers lately and have noticed a lot of my style shifting towards them.

However, I also play a lot of Zeppelin and Ten Years After and stuff like that - basically my style in heavily influenced by a lot of blues/blues-rockers.
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I'd say a hint of Elmore James and BB King can be seen in my playing. Simple, yet poignant. Though recently I've been listening to a lot of Australian Blues/Folk/Roots, so there more of a folk bluesy kick to my playing.
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My style is a lot of SRV mixed with Clapton, with a hint of David Gilmore
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I like to think i play..just me..

but I've probably been heavily influenced By Robben Ford (no bad thing!)
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I have actually two of them...John Frusciante and Kirk Hammet.I can't play a lot of Hammet, bu he's just great and he does influence my style.
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Johnny Winter, Rory Gallagher, SRV, Roy Buchanan, and Alvin Lee are probably my biggest blues influences. But I think if you're truly influenced by someone then you don't have to consciously sound like them, their style will be so imbedded in your mind that it will kind of come naturally.
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for me its buddy guy, stevie ray, and the musical rent
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