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Who would be in your fantasy band?

Bass- Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Lead Guitar- Alexi Laiho (Children of Bodom)

Rhythm Guitar- Dan Jacobs (Atreyu)

Rhythm Guitar 2- Jeff Loomus (Nevermore)

Drums- Michael Thomas (Bullet For My Valentine)

Singer- Brent Smith (Shinedown)

Thats my hard rock choice, i have a rock choice a metal choice, sreamo...

Anyhow, lets hear yours...
Bass- Guy from rory gallagher
Lead- Jimmy page
Rythm- James Hetfield
Vocals- Chad kreuger (think thats his name, hes the guy from nickleback)
Drums-dude from trivium
Bass-Geddy Lee
Drums-Hmmmm, Either Portnoy or Peart
Vocals- Hetfield
Lead Guitar-Jimmy Page
Rhythm- Slash

(Oy, in reality there are far too many to choose from)
All those genres, they wouldnt have a song if it existed because they wouldnt agree on anything because of all the different genres but here is mine.

Bass- Tom Araya
Lead guitar - Alexi Laiho
Lead guitar 2 (for harmonizing) - Kirk Hammet
Rhythm - James Hetfield or Roope Latvala
Singing - ZP Theart (Dragon Force) for normal singing. For the heavier sound, the guy from Anthrax or Tom Araya
Drums - The guy from Bullet For My Valentine or Travis Barker but I doubt he can double pedal.
rythm-eric clapton
lead-eric johnson
bass-victor wooten
vocals-jimi hendrix

lead-john petrucci
rythm-dave mustaine
bass-cliff burton
drums-guy from dream theatre
vocals-no such thing...instrumental
My Fantasy Band

Bass- Geddy Lee (Rush)
Lead Guitar- Jimmy Page (Led Zepplin)
Lead Guitar 2- Michael Wilton (Queensryche)
Rythm Guitar- Richard Fortus (Guns N' Roses)
Rythm Guitar 2- Malcom Young (AC/DC)
Drums- Charlie Watts (Rolling Stone)

---My Gear---

Fender Stratocaster
Fender Frontman
Zak Wylde Wah
Led Zepplin
Soft Rock
-Singer: Robert Smith, The Cure
-Guitarist: Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters
-Keys: The Cure keyboardist
-Bass: Nate Mendel, Foo Fighters
-Drums: Patrick Keeler, The Raconteurs

Hard Rock
-Singer/Guitar: Pete Loeffler, Chevelle
-Back-Up Vox/Guitarist: Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters
-Bass: Sam Loeffler (I think), Chevelle
-Drums: Sean Kinney, Alice in Chains

Alt. Metal
-Singer/Guitar: Layne Staley, Alice in Chains
-Back-Up Vox: The guy from Alien Ant Farm
-Guitar: Jerry Cantrell, Alice in Chains
-Bass: Sam Loeffler, Chevelle
-Drums: Drummer from Alien Ant Farm
As long as John Bonham is in it, then it's definetly the best "dream" band
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Singer: Mikael Akerfledt
Guitar 1: Omar Rodriguez Lopez
Guitar 2: Muhammed Suiçmez
Bass: John Myung
Drums: Martin Lopez

God would that ever be cool!
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Or your shadow at evening rising to meet you
I will show you fear in a handful of dust
Are we trying to keep it with living people?

Dream band living

Drums: Tommy Lee
Bass: Flea
Rhythm guitar: Hetfield
Lead: Matt Heafy
Vocals: Rob Halford

Dream band dead...

Drums: John Bonham
Bass: Cliff Burton
Co lead guitars: Hendrix/Rhoades
Vocals: Layne Staley
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My fantasy band actually not a fantasy.. bu the broke up, thanx to the singer attitude.. but i still love him! great singer.. (R.I.P Mr Big)

the fantasy band..

power ballad/rock

singer : eric martin
bassist: Billy sheehan
drum: pat torpey
lead guitar : paul gilbert
rythm : me!


singer + guitar : mustaine
lead guitar: paul gilbert
drum : mike poertnoy
bass: cliff burton
singer-probably bon scott or the singer for RHCP or plant or whoever
lead guitar-rhoads or slash probably
rythm guitar-malcolm young
bassist-no idea
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Vocals: Hansi Kursch

Lead Guitar: Andre Olbrich

Rythm Guitar: Olavi Mikkonen

Drums: Fredrik Andersson

Bass: Edgar from Al-Sirat...don't know his last name...
Vox: Al Bar (Dropkick Murphys)
Guitar: Damian Paris (The Giraffes)
Bass: Matt Freeman (Rancid)
Drums: Dave Grohl (QOTSA)
Vocals / Bass - Paul McCartney ( The Beatles, Wings, Paul McCartney )
Lead Guitar - Eric Clapton ( Cream, Blind Faith, Yardbirds, etc )
Rhythm Guitar - Pete Townshend ( The Who )
Drums - Keith Moon ( The Who )
Synth - Rick Wakemen ( Yes )
Synth - Paul *wix* Wickens ( Paul McCartney )
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Dean Performer Acoustic

Guitar - John Petrucci
Drums - Mike Portnoy
Keyboards - Jordan Rudess
Bass - Tony Levin

Oh wait, that's Liquid Tension Experiment. Rock on!
what happened to the proposed Kirk Hammett flamenco album?

His acoustic didn't sound good with wah pedal, I suppose.
guitar- rob flynn (machine head)
lead guitar- alexi laiho (COB)
bass- mike d'antonio (KSE)
vocals- jesse david (old KSE)
drummers- ben from converge.
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Vocals-Justin Hawkins! anyone who can sing like him gets my vote! THE DARKNESS
Lead Guitar/Vocals-ME!! (well it wouldnt be a dream otherwise) CREATIVE POWER
Lead Guitar 2- Steve Vai WHITESNAKE
Lead Guitar 3-Angus Young AC/DC
Rhythm Guitar/occasional lead (so he doesnt feel left out)-James Hetfield METALLICA
Bass Guitar-Paul Mcartney BEATLES etc
Bass Guitar 2-Flea RHCP
Drums-Dave Grohl NIRVANA etc
Drums 2-Tommy Lee MOTLEY CRUE

Now THAT is a band!
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Guitarist (rythm/lead): Jimmy Page
Vocals: Robert Plant
Drums: John Bonham
Bass: John Paul Jones

Would be awesome if they were all in the same band together
man if only that had been a band. so much talent.
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There is the possibility that I may have or may or may not have gone or not gone into the danger zone.

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Blues band:
Vocals and lead guitar: Joe Bonamassa
Rythm guitar: Eric "Slowhand" Clapton
Bass and vocals: Jack Bruce
Drums. Ginger Baker

Rock band:
Vocals: Robert Plant
Lead Guitar: Jimmy Page
Rythm Guitar: Pete Townshend
Bass: Roger Waters
Drums: Phill Rudd
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18watter video demo

My band

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vocals- sonny more
Lead guitar-synester gates
rythem-frank iero
bass-mikey way
drums-lars ulrich

Lead Guitar - Joe Satriani
Rhythm - Galien Henson
Bass - Dave LeRue
Drums - Jeff Campitelli

Oh shot my dream band already exists and I saw them live
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Ernie Ball strings

Drums: Vinnie Paul
Bass: David Ellefson
Rhythm Guitar: Scott Ian
Lead Guitar: Paul Gilbert
Vocals, Rhythm Guitar 2: Zakk Wylde


Drums: Nick Menza 1991
Bass:Billy Sheehan 1987
Rhythm Guitar: Dimebag 1992
Lead Guitar: Slash 1990
Vocals: James Hetfield 1990
lead guitar - george harrison
guitar/vocals - john lennon
bass/vocals - paul mccartney
drummer - ringo starr

wait wtf?!
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Rock Band

Bass- Geddy Lee
Vocals- Freddie Mercury(don't have to be alive, right?)
Rythym Guitar- Pete Townsend
Lead Guitar- Brian May
Drums- John Bonham.

Blues Super Group

Bass- Jack Bruce
Drums-John Bonham
Vocals- SRV
Guitarists(exchanging lead-rythym)-SRV, Eric Clapton, Roy Buchannon, and let make it 4, David Gilmour(that man knowns his pentatonics)

I did say SUPER group .
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In a band where I was allowed it'd be:

Lead singer/lead guitarist: Me
Rythm: Malcolm young
Drummer: Dave grohl
Bassist: Dunno. Maybe the guy from pink floyd.

Substitute singer with robert plant and lead guitar with slash if im not allowed
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Bassist: Dunno. Maybe the guy from pink floyd.

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Sorry, kinda bugged out. C'mon, it's roger waters.
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lead guitar - alexi laiho
rythm guitar - james hetfeild
vocals - james ^
rythm guitar 2 - one of the guys from trivium
drums - joey jordison
bass- not sure.. flea in a metal band?
For more of a metalesque band:

Drums - Travis Smith (Trivium)
Bass - Troy Sanders (Mastodon) - also backing vocals
Rythm Guitarist - Dave Mustaine (Megadeth)
Lead Guitarist - Herman Li (Dragonforce) or John Petrucci (Dream Theater)
Vocalist - Devin Townsend (Steve Vai, Ocean Machine, Strapping Young Lad, The Devin Townsend Band)

I chose who I did because I personally feel they are the best in their fields period. Herman Li is simply amazing on guitar, Devin Townsend has to have one of the broadest ranges of vocals period, Travis Smith is just a great drummer, Dave was/is a great rythm guitarist, held the rythm well and Troy Sanders is a great bassist.

For more of a classic rock style I'd have to go with the following.

Drums - Neal Peart
Bass - Geddy Lee - backing vocals
Lead Guitar - Van Halen
Rythm/Lead Guitar - Slash
Rythm Guitar - Malcolm Young - also backing vocals
Vocalist - David Lee Roth

Again just who I feel is the best in their field. David Lee Roth too me is one of the most memorable vocalists ever. Van Halen because he is Van Halen. Neal Peart because he is one of the greatest drummers ever. Geddy Lee because he can play bass, synth and has that sweet almost girl like voice, and was a bass virtuoso. Malcolm Young because he just is memorable to me. Slash - this one is controvesal but to me if ANYONE can play a few notes on a guitar and thos notes actually mean something it's Shash - he can play both rythm and lead.
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vocals- sonny more
Lead guitar-synester gates
rythem-frank iero
bass-mikey way
drums-lars ulrich

i hate you - other than your choice of drummer
VAN HALEN - March 13 at the Izod

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Vocals - Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden)

Lead Guitar - Cory Beaulieu (Trivium)

Rhythmn Guitar - James Hetfield (Metallica)

Bass Guitar - Steve Harris (Maiden)

Drums - Travis Smith/Barker (Trivium/Blink 182)
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alive: guitar: pete townshend
vocals:roger daltrey
bass/vocals: paul mccartney
drums: ringo

Dead: rhythm guitar/vocals:john lennon
co- lead: jimi hendrix and jerry garcia
drums: of course it would have to be bonzo or moon
bass:john entwhistle(the who)
vocals: janis joplin
Winner of Classic rock Trivia #?

Rig: Black Fender Strat , 160 fender stage amp, dunlop crybaby wah pedal, studio pro amp, harmonica, fender acoustic Squier, alto saxaphone
Vocals 1: Bruce Dickinson
Vocals 2: Maynard James Keenan
Lead Guitar 1: Dave Murray
Lead Guitar 2: Adrian Smith
Lead Guitar 3: Yngwie Malmsteen (Just for bells and whistles)
Bass 1: Steve Harris
Bass 2: Billy Sheehan
Drums 1:Nicko McBrain
Drums 2: Danny Carey
Backup Vocals 1: The girls from ABBA
Backup Vocals 2: Simone and Garfunkle (sp?)
Keytar: Edde Van Halen
Kazoo: Kirk Hammet
Coke Bottle: John Petrucci
Slide Whistle: Alexi Laiho

If they could get it all together that would be one kick ass band. It would be called "THE ELITE FIGHTING FORCE OF SEVENTEEN!"
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Bass- Flea
Lead- Hendrix
Rythym- Tom Morello
Drums- Dave Grohl
Vocals- Thom Yorke
We're Progressive Funk Rock (Frog Rock)

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