Hi all..i posted earlier about my cracked neck on my dean ml, I am going to order a new neck and have it professionally installed and set up, But in the meantime i am going to try this something i found on a website.


I will go buy the glue tomarrow and all the supplys i need. he says typically a glued joint is stronger than the surrounding wood, So i think i might try it. My question is..If i take the screws out that hold the neck on the guitar, And remove the neck and do this repair..when i put it back on will i have to adjust this "truss rod" thing. Ive never messed with one of those before..but i know how to set everything else..i hope i wont have to adjust that..will i have to? thanks
You probrably most likely will have to adjust the truss rod but that could ruin your neck again if you do it wrong.
Guess ill read over how to take it off and put it back on..i hope i can do it right urrgh..i dont want to cause another problem by fixing the last
You may have too make a tiny adjustment. You can't really ruin your necl by adjusting the truss rod unless you do something really stupid.
Alright i just took the neck off..I never even seen a truss rod..It must just be inside the neck alone, Cause i do see metal pole looking thing in the neck..i thought it went all the way into the guitars main body, Guess not, Anyways,,I dont see why i need a professional to install a new neck..I could get a new neck ready to go with frets for 100 bucks from dean. and just take my tuneing pegs off the old neck and put on the new..then sckrew the neck on....and set the action and stuff..and put tuneing pegs on it..right? Makes me feel a little better thinking i might be able to just buy the neck..then slap it on..and and set the other minor things..instead of paying someone to.
yes, you definitely dont need a pro to do it, that ibanez repair looks great so you should try that first unless you want a new neck, but you can just take out the tuners, and put them on the other neck, then bolt it on(only need to finger tighten it, if you bolt it on tight with a screwdriver you will mess it up), string it up and then maybe a truss rod adjustment and tune and stuff
Yeah, buying a new neck will probably be the most effective solution. That repair link you posted is impressive. They did an amazing job.

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Definatly try to repair the old neck first. Also as said before you don't need a pro to install the new neck, it's not hard and every guitarist should be able to do basic repairs and maintainace IMO.