How much would it cost to install an original floyd rose in my Ibanez? the lousy Edge Pro II bridge is driving me insane. I already have the cavity from my edge pro II so it shouldn't be that hard to install right?
If there isn't any routing required and the trem will just drop in it shouldn't cost much,but if it just drops in you could eaily do it yourself and thats evem cheaper.
I there is a dit of routing and the posts need to be moved it going to cost abit more.
It shouldn't be a routing problem, but more stud size. You may have to drill new holes for the bolts/screws that hold it in place. Dave_MC knows a ****load about this stuff.
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As far as I know, the OFR does NOT retrofit with a EPII.

There will most likely be some routing that needs to be done, as well as some stud installation.
The closest the OFR is to Ibanezez bridge is the Lo-Trs bridge, which now they remake it as ILT bridge, but still im not sure whether it can fit, but theoretically it should. I dont think the Edge Pro II's cavity will fit the OFR, cuz the Edge's bridge is lower than the OFR and you gotta measure the studs properly, the distance, the thickness of the routing and whatnot. Compare it to this template - http://www.floydrose.com/instructions.html
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