A friend and I are going to be playing around town this summer to score bank. We will either both have our acoustics or one of us will play clean electric guitar through a small amp. So far, we have a small list of songs :

Japan X - Endless Rain ( guitar instrumental )
Opeth - Requiem
Old Man's Child - In Quest of Enigmatic Dreams
Bach - Bouree
Dissection - Crimson Towers
Opeth - Patterns in the Ivy (Opeth is so perfect for this)
Some acoustic Zakk Wylde stuff

Anyone have any reccomendations for songs with two acoustic or clean guitars? Instrumental is preferred. Thank you!
Green Day:Time of your life(Good Riddance)
"VANDALISM: Beautiful As A Rock In A Cop's Face."
Kurt Cobain
anything by dave matthews and tim reynolds... well the songs are by dave matthews but tim reynolds' accompaniments are friggin awesome
This is going to be bad but I'm drunk. Anyways it's a acoustic duet called "something under the sun" I can;t rere, meber the name. Tlel you waht, I'll google it and post it here, its ****ing awesome. hold on
Mediterranean Sundance! I was way off lol. But it's awesome, try it

Piano Tune or East Wind by Bert Jansh and John Renbourn.
Good stuff
f a n t a s t i c a l
Quote by xxZeroxx
Green Day:Time of your life(Good Riddance)

Layla [unplugged] by Eric Clapton
strat player forever.
Ah, if you're an advanced player, I recommend Air by Jason Becker.

Beautiful piece
My God, it's full of stars!
Hey man forget you i think its a great song and a matter of fact im NOT a noob i have been playing for over 5 years!
"VANDALISM: Beautiful As A Rock In A Cop's Face."
Kurt Cobain
dont mean to thread jack but i also am lookin for other acoustic duets..

we had a little get together me and my friends and a friend and i played tears in heaven together for the first time.. it turned out pretty well.. plus everyone else knew the song so it was fun..

any other songs that are the same skill level as tears in heaven and have the same acoustic mellow sound of it?? thanx guys =]
wish you were here by pink floyd. that was the first duet i ever did

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