my pedal board keeps getting hair, dust and things such as that in it and it's bugging me. does anyone have any tips on how to keep it clean? also, does anyone know of anything that you can use instead of velcro to keep the pedals on the board? my room is carpeted and the velcro keeps getting stuff on it and its really annoying.

Ive seen some people use zip ties.
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for the hair and dust a good lint roller will do the trick, i pretty much use 2 sided tape to stick my pedals on my MPS
Theres not much you can do, maybe but a cover over top of it, and clean it, everything gets disty or dirty over time, thats part of life cleaning up after yourself.
Use bits of bike chain.
An enterprising soul was selling pieces of bike chain on ebay a while ago. They are like figure-8 shaped plates. You place one under each screw head (one half of the 8 acts like a washer), then your pedal has 4 lugs protruding from each corner. You can then screw the pedal into your board (from above) with ordinary woodscrews.
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Personally, I think Velcro is a pain in the ****. It's impossible to keep clean, it wont stick properly to some pedals, and eventually comes off anyway. I don't know about live situations, but if it's only for home, I use "Duck" brand Grip Liner - it's a sort of thin webbed rubber sheet which is sold in hardware or carpet stores. Just cut to size and glue onto your board - you don't need to put anything on the bottoms of your pedals. It'll easily hold pedals at a 30 degree angle, and to reposition the pedals you just lift them up and put them down.