yeah...i need help in finding a good guitar and amp for playing hardcore...i mean i'm not sure if it really matters but if it does then bring on the suggestions...
Price Range? Are you new to guitar? If not, what do you currently have?
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there's no price range...and i've been playing about a year on a takamine and an epiphone les paul special through a small 45 watt marshall
Any High-gain amp. Try out Orange Peavy 5150 or 6505. As for guitars check out Schecters, or I don't know. Really you can make any guitar sound "Hardcore" with the right equipment (amp, pickups) Check out overdrive pedals too. Orange is very popular. Especially the new Hi-gain models. If you really want to spend some money there are always the Uberschalls (sp?) and those more boutique type of amps. Thats some major moola though. Look at your favorite bands and see what they use.
a peavey 6505 or 5150 with a SZ520 or higher model or possibly a nice RG set-up for the low tunning. If you want the hardcore sound your gonna need a guitar capable of a lower tunning so ftay away from fender because fender sucks for it. Ibanez have good guitars for low tunning
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My buddy who's really into hardcore plays a schecter C1 classic through a Marshall stack,,,, he uses a MT 2 pedal, I think..

As far as I know, thats what hardcore sounds like
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^hehe he said no price range mad

ill agree with Schecter c-1 series or SZ ibanez through a peavey 6505
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Oh my bad, get the peavy then, and for the guitar, do you want a fixed or floating? For fixed i'd suggest the SZ520QM or SZ720FM. If you want a trem, i'd suggest RGT320Q or RGT220H since its a neck thru. Now, lets go to the ESP side, if you like your Les Paul, get the ESP EC-1000VHB or any of the 1000 series.
"Play with your ears" - Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert
Thats what she said...