Hey guys,
Just wondering if anyone could name the top brand classical guitars.

Thanks people.
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Any hand made guitar from Spain... That'd be closer to you than an American made one.

Yeah, i have a hand made Santiago, the S3 model is the one i have and its the most expensive one they do.

They are special order so you wont see one on the net anyware.

If you want i'll post some pics so you can see it (just specify what parts you want to see n stuff).

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My teacher has a Dr. Ezra Levi classical, custom hand made for him in 1995, Verona, Italy. The best guitar I ever played.
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Mine is a Mexican-made guitar by Francisco Navarro Garcia. I highly recommend you look into one.
Suzuki guitars are heavily built. Sound is muted as a result. The far opposite of a top classical guitar.

Making a clear distinction between American and Spanish guitars is ridiculous. In Spain, not all makers are top. Some Spanish brands are even rip offs and marketing gimmick. There are a number of US luthier who can easily trash some makers in Spain. Saying that Spanish guitars are always better than all US guitars is plain inaccurate. Do you even know about various luthiers?
I don't think anything beats getting a handmade, luthiered guitar built to your specifications.

I have an amazing Caruso from 1963, it was from my grandpa, custom made for him, it just amazing, the best thing i`v ever played, i dont know if its from Spain or from Uruguay