Hey guys sorry im very new to guitar. I wanted to learn and my mom bought me an amp/guitar for my bday! Well, I received a peavey bandit 112 "transtube" amp. Thing is, i have no ideas about amps! I am wondering , does anything need to be done to it to make it work? It said it came with a sheffield speaker and stuff, so i'm wondering, do i have to do anything to it in order for it to work, or can i just plug my guitar in and play! Any advice etc. would much appreciated. Thank you!
plug your electric guitar in the input, turn up the volume, and mess around with the EQ (bass, mid, high) and try different things to achieve different sounds. Trial and error, and read the manual!

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Awesome man thanks! I had read something about biasing and had no clue what that was, and was hoping I didnt have to do whatever it was :O. Thank you
Biasing is something you have to do with a tube amp if you change power tubes. I know that sounds pretty nonsensical right now, but hang in there and you'll get it all figured out. For now though, since the Transtube isn't a tube amp, you don't need to do anything. Just plug and play

Enjoy your guitar!
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