Hi, i am looking at doing a customisation of a six string bass i am currently bidding on on ebay. It was one of those things where i bidded, and i was like 'hey that'd be cool to have for that price'. No one has raised....

Anyway, as its cheap, chinese made i dont have high expectations of it. So if i get it, and when it arrives, if the action is any good it will become my first project guitar.
Now, it is brand new, and i'll get pictures when i can. As said its some home brand chinese made, so my line of thinking is that the pickups, controls, bridge and tuners will need to be replaced, 1stly because its cheap, and 2ndly because the bridge and tuners are gold, and im not the shiney gold type of man..

The body is made of mahogany, fretboard rosewood, and neck maple.

This is going to be a thing i do over time, so my first move will be sanding off the oiled finish, and coming up with some colour scheme etc. I will also probably look at replacing the electronics.

So onto pups.... What sort of configuration will i be looking at. I will most likely go with EMG's, but this is my first time venturing into the world of guitar electronics. My dad is a qualified sparky, so anything i dont understand i'll talk to him about.

I have been looking at emg's extended pickup range, and think i will go with a 45 p and 45 j config. Will this work?? I would be looking at using an emg BTS control. Is this setup going to work, what else will i need?? I would ask my guitar shop, but god alot of people in these shops are wankers.

Anyway, assessing if it'd be worth goingg into such depths for this 6 strin, because it will be expensive after a new bridge and tuners as well. Anyway help guys would be greatly appreciated.


Oh.. btw, it isnt one of those 'magnificent, exquisite, hand made antique corrected by my family, for you, emperor' propositions that flood ebay. Its located in Australia and the seller has feedback, all good.. lol
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