I seen someone with an electric guitar with a small body and went searching online for one similar, i like how it looks and if anyone can help me it would be kool. it shoudl be 21-24 frets.

REPSOT: im kinda having trouble finding and describing what guitar im looking for but the guitar that David Gilmore uses interests me, im looking to spend at most $300 and i think that one he plays on his lap is kool. Woudl ik to know what that one is called.
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What do you mean by small? Ibanez S small? Short scale guitar small? Ukelele small?
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Some jackson dinkys and Kramers have 7/8's body sizes.
Some rickenbackers are 3/4 size.
Fender, Squier, Epiphone, Dean and others produce mini guitars
Screw those, buy a baritone ukulele.