What do you do when you get **** for being emo? I get an amazing amount of crap... Usually I just don't give a ****, but when even my freinds start giving me a hard time for it (most of them arent emo) I just cant take it. Today I stood up and screamed and let fly a string of words I wish I could take back... I just dont know how to handle it anymore.
Live. Love. Burn. Die...


Im emo.
haha take a deep breath

and show them your fans on myspace...

meh i dunno
**** people? if they are your friends, of all people they shouldnt judge you

ok a "haha emo kid" once in a while is expected

but im pretty quick with replys
so erm

ah **** it man, shave your head?
It's Chico Time
I update my livejournal with the incident.

Punk died with Take Off Your Pants and Jacket.

k guys i play real metal like atreyu and stuff
haha oh yeah..

coming out and saying your emo on ug will leave you with some abuse

probably better to have not said anything...
It's Chico Time
oh dear god.

this thread has made my whole night.

but seriously this is a music forum, we don't give one about how you get called in the street. i get called "gay" all the time probably cuz of my skinnies or whatever but i don't care. it makes me laugh.

i really do hate how people claim to be emo.
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wake me up when september ends makes me cry evry time!

emos forever
ii agree frodoisdead
why do teenagers go around like im emo n ****?
i wouldnt be proud if i was emo
You'd think emo kids would love people giving them ****, surely it just makes you more super emo and gives you more reason to hate life?

Just kiddin, be yourself..
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well, im emo too, and its cool.

just enjoy being one, and hates chavs, then youll be ok

the fact that you have a system of a down avatar shows you shouldnt even be in this forum

as frodo said this forum is about music not ridiculous stereotypes that you associate yourself with.
emo is a socaial stereotype, and actually is a 70's term for pre-punk, would you class yourself as a pre punk!?
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