Ok im going for a Distortion pedal and i wanna make sure that i dont make the same mistake as i did while buying the guitar. Im sure that when someone buys a new guitar and after a few motnhs they go "oh damn, i should have gone for the other guitar".
So yeh. im looking at the BOSS DS-1 pedal and other distortion pedals and have a liking for all of them but i dont know which has a better tone for playing metal/classic rock/blues all in one. As far as i know, the BOSS DS-1 does all that.

So any of you have any other suggestions?
It depends on what type of music you play. It would help us to help you if you told us what music.
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I had the DS-1, and it's too high-gain for blues. It works for perfectly for other stuff, though.
u got a marshall mg?!! lol and a gibson les pauL??! are you kidding? Cuz the mg bee-nest is so ****ty that it wont let out the true sound of the gibson les paul. Seriously sell most of the crap stuff and buy a tube amp......

IF your in a band and they got better equipment than thats a different story........
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i like to play classic rock, heavy metal, death metal and i dont always use a marshall mg. the mode four is reliable.
MXR Dime Distortion DD-11
I love mine, but you'll be pushing it on the rock 'n' roll.

The mid scoop is whicked if you aren't into turning your knobs all that much to get it.
Make sure you run it through a tube, it really doesn't bring out the madness on a solid state.

PS: if your not into this

BOSS Pedals > pretty much everything else
Ive got a Ds-1. I love it for the most part but Im looking into something with a little heavier of a gain sound to bring out my new tube amp. Im thinking Im going to buy a boss mega distortion, Ive already tried it out, Its great.

You should check one out, It can get heavy enough for metal , or stay lighter for rock.
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