I made this sort of mellow beat kinda thing and am not sure what to do with it so i was wondering if someone wants to do something with it and post it again, like mix and match ideas and such. Could be interesting.

Hopefully someone will be up for it
Ok well I know you said mellow but it's just the same bland thing repeated for way too long. I suppose it would ok for a breakdown or something for a few bars but a whole song? Sorry to be negative.
Can you crit mine back? Its in my sig
EDIT: Just realised it was a beat thing to be added to. Sorry about that. Suppose it could still do with some changing though. Change the tempo around after a while
Its only like 2 bars but i repeated it loads to sit and listen to it and see if i could think of anything that suits it lol.
I didn't read it properly at first. I'm listen to it again and think of adding stuff to suit it when I get some time.