alright, so my friend is a begginner at guitar, and hes getting his first electric soon.

he needs somthing cheap, so hes deciding on either an epiphone g-400, epiphone les paul standard, and a fender telecaster standard.

hes asked me, and i have the les paul, but imo theyre all good.

can anyone give an opinion

PS if this helps, he listens to sort of fall of troy, thursday, underoath, stuff like that.

help much appreciated
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the g-400. its everything he wants in a guitar.
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Ibanez RG321MH. Then he won't need a new guitar again for a while Good for Emo, Metal and Hardcore and of course can play Pop-Punk just like every other guitar.
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I friggin' love my Telly, but for the music he's listening to, hambuckers are pretty much obvious (even if I myself like to play heavier stuff with singlecoils, but that's seems to be just me).

I'd personally go with the G-400.
My friend has the G400; I must admit I'm amazed by the quality for such a cheap guitar. I definately recommend it.
I would pick up the tele probably, but if he wants something a little more raunchy then go for the g 400
i have the g400 n it is an awesome guitar for the money =) but you have to watch that you get 1 with no problems with it, ive had some bad stuff with them ((ive had 3 )) but yea g400