theres all this crap from cubasis on limewire and stuff.
im new to all this recording stuff.. any ideas??
is there any way you can plug a guitar straight into a computer, and use it almost how you use a microphone through the computer. and add effects through some programme? (if so what programme??)
the reason i ask s that my band have songs we need to mix and we dont want to use a studio just yet. and i was going to try on my computer.. well the vocals bass and guitar at least
sorry if this is the wrong place. ive used here for tabs all my life but im new around the forum, so i dont know much =[

There is a programme called cakewalk or a programme called cool edit pro that are pretty good, i dont no how much they cost though but they have some brilliant effects and top quality recording
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Programes like GuitarRig (1 & 2) and JesuSonic offer wide range of realistic effects, but require a good sound card with ASIO support, which reduces the latency to >1ms. I have however used them without such a card and they are still good.
Sending your guitars straight into the soundboard isn't reccomendable in most cases. Those effects always sound really synthetic, thin, and fake.
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what do you recomend then?? we only want about two recordings, they dont have to be good. its just a guy in our class' dad owns a company and he wanted a recording?? it doesnt have to be great, just enough to do two or three songs??
Line 6 GuitarPort. It connects to your computer, has software that gives you effects and amp models, you can save settings. You plug into the computer through it. Its only $99.