Ok I was at a band practice the other day there and the power cut out a couple of times while I was hooked up to the amp (Marshall AVT150, at about half volume)...

Now i'v set myself up with my own amp (line6 spider 112, 75 watts) and my guitar (Gibson SG Standard) keeps losin output...
Its definately my guitar because i'v tried my other electric out on it and I don't get that problem...and in the same way it's definately not the cable, i'v tried a couple of different ones, even ones that I didn't use at the practice place

I'm playing along and all of a sudden it goes all muddy and loses the bright cutting sound i'm used to

Have you looked in the control cavity if everything looks alright?

I had a similar problem on my strat, my tone control had crapped out, so the tone was always on 0. I replaced the pot.
lol. I have had that happen as well. Try takin the scachbard/wateva hold the circuits in, and check them. Last time i had to borrow a soldering iron and solder up about 3 wiresw that had come undone. Might now be the problem but its worth a try.
Seeing as its a gibson, if you have any unconfidence, take it to a professional.

It might be that the jack needs fixing, I have that occasionally.
ok I have the electrics exposed...

I have no idea what i'm looking at but I can't see any loose wires and It smells of wood, I thought maybe if I could smell burnt plastic or that burnt out electric smell then maybe that would suggest that something is wrong, but no it smells of wood and lacquer


Ok i'v got it all set up and im playin...i'v been playin for a good 10mins straight and nothing has happened everything seems all good
Even so, u shud get checked out by som1 who knows what they are doing, u dont want ur guitar crapping out in the middle of a performance, that wud just suck
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could be just your leads mate
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yeh I think I'l take it in next week...

@Mr Hanky
I only ever use the bridge pickup so I didnt try the neck pickup

@toby & bulletbass
Nah, it aint the cables, I'v swapped my cable around a few times, and im now usin one that hasn't even left my house let alone been used in that practice room and zapped by a power-out
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