Hey i have this PA speaker and its bust its a stageline 500 watt i think and ive noticed that the bottom speaker in the cab has stopped workin it doesnt work at all the tweeter still works and ive had it checked out and theres no loose/dry connects would somone please recomend what the problem might be as i wantt o know weithe rits reparable or it has to go in the bin thanks. By the way i have checked the cable and everyhting its def the speaker thats the problem.
Has anyone kicked the speaker or something? Is there anything wrong with the cone? It could be a problem inside the speaker. There's a good chance you'll have to replace it....it'll probably be cheaper to buy a new cab.
stagline = Junk, its probably the crossover, there known to go, if you ahve a local shop then go to them, sell it or ask how much it would get you in store credit, then but yourself some DECENT PA gear like JBL pro jrx series of een peavey PV series stuff is cheap and decent.