...it's been 1 and a half year since i start to play a guitar...last week i bought a metal zone and doesn't know how to adjust the knobs on that pedal(to get the suitable sound)...what i'm playing is post punk rock+grunge+power pop+..and my guitar is Gibson lespaul Black beauty+60 watts marshall amp..
Start out by setting the gain to a suitable level and set the two (four really) middle knobs to 12 O'clock. If you adjust each middle knob individually and listen, you can tell what part of the sound you're affecting. After you get a feel for that, it's really trial and error. If you spend about 10 minutes, you should be able to find a sound that's suitable for you. Hope that makes sense.
DItch the pedal and use the marshall.....MARSHALL!

Or try this, Repecfully considerng the knobs on a clock funton....

Low: WHatever doesnt make yous speaker sound like its going to blow out the front of the amp
Mid: Seven Or ten OR Five O'clock
High: One O'Clock
Level: Whatever you want!

The low setting uis important because if you have it too high your paalm mutes will over drive the speakers low capapbility and excurt it to its breaking point...be carefull use the low on the amp to do the most eq shaping
thank u all...all post kinda gimme some tips...another question is.. i guess there hv a different combination of knobs level when we play a rhtyhm(distortion sound) and also play the lead(also with the distortion sound) and my question is what are the best knob's level combination for both ??for exmple is the songs like 'Don't look back in anger(oasis)" ...''im not okay(chemicalromance)'' ...and "in bloom(nirvana)''...i know that they use not only single pedal like me..but can you all give me how the metal zone can give at least a close sound like all that songs above or just maybe a little sound...after i'm expert in using metal zone.i'm going to buy another effect..step by step..ok hope for the reply
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Back on topic, rythms and leads don't use very different EQ settings. Usually, the rythm will have more bass but I think thats it.

To get a nice rythm and lead sound, if you really can't figure it out by yourself, which I suggest because it's more satisfying when you find a sound YOU like, try putting your treble at around 8-7, bass a little lower like 7-6 and if you want to play metal scoop your mids at around more or less 4 depending on what you play. Adding a bit of reverb helps to give more deepness to your sound.

Hope that helped and if anything here is noobish, it's because I'm fairly new to EQing
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i got another prob...when i play clean it's all amazing n great sound that come up from my guitar...but when come the time for distortion when i try to play a solo it will give a sound like the string buzzing or the sound of droning...are u all hv the idea what's going on rite now??is it my guitar hv the prob or bcause i'm not good using the metal zone??(some of my frens said it because the pickup--i wonder lthe lespaul black beauty pick up is no way can give the sound like that)