go to a teacher, much better when you have someone to explain it to you
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Whatever. Just make sure you read enough, because after each reading session you're gonna forget the half of what you just learned... If you read it five times you're not gonna get rid of it from your mind, BUAHHHAHAHA!!!!!
www.cyberfret.com works pretty well.
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Quote by fwibble
go to a teacher, much better when you have someone to explain it to you

I always ask my piano teacher or my school music teacher on such stuff...
if i learn it will it teach me how to fund the keys of songs and apply a solo to the song
i say do all the above... read it... try to understand it... then find a teacher who could explain it further
you should either sit down with a stack of books the size of your house for half your life.

Or go around picking up a few tricks here and there from good guitarists.
Best you DON'T go to your local grade 11 guitar wizard that just memorized "Eruption" note from note.