Ok the title explains the software I use but now for the question. I am starting to record a cheap demo album on my pc. I can lay down both guitar tracks myself, the bass tracks myself, and the vocals, myself. Kind of like a one-man-band...lol But the only problem I have ran into is the drums. I cant play em. I know a couple of drummers but I use the stock sound card on my comp. and dont know how to mic the drums to record into my single 1/8th inch jack. Is there anyway to do this with out a lot of equipment, or is there a free simple to use drummer machine for the computer I can download?
Well the best free drum machine is leafdrums but it's not the best. I suggest getting Rhythm Rascal. It's $30 for the real version and you can try it free. The only limitation in the free version is that you have clicks when you export the songs drum file. The good thing about it though it's the drums sound much better. I use to use that but now I'm using Rhythm Rascal something else with real drums to make a better sound. Or you could get your drummer to go to a cheap studio

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i use fruity loops, but many people say its very complicated and dont like it. i disagree, but thats personal prefrence. its not free, but the demo is. while you cant save, you can export the track as an mp3 or wav file. you can either put that into audacity, or put your guitar/bass/vocals into FL before export. either way you end up with everything together.

ive heard people mention hammerhead as a free drum program, but i know nothing about it. you might want to check it out if you are interested.

the other option is a mixer and a few mics to record the drums. unfortunatly, you need at least two good mics, and preferably four to get a good sound. add that to the mixer, and you could easily buy one of the mid range or maybe even the high range version of fruity loops for less. unless you really want a real drummer, using a free program or demo is probably your best and cheapest bet.
I don't use loops much because, well I'm a drummer! If you want a real cheap way to record some drums, buy a decent mic (make sure the frequency pick up range is at least at 80Hz on the low end, and higher than 15kHz on the high end) from Best Buy for about $30 and place it about 2 feet behind the drummer's ear. You can always buy an adapter to go from a 1/4" to a 1/8" plug for about $5. This is a pretty inexpensive way to record drums, you'll get decent quality but with proper EQ and compression you can still come out with a half decent sound.

I started out with an audio-technica ATR30 until I bought real drum mics and started outfitting my studio with real gear.