I was wondering if anyone knew of some free or inexpensive recording software. I was looking for mixing software, drums, well basically all the essentials. Any help would be great. Thanks
Acid Pro is pretty good for simple editing (whoa, didnt realise it got updated from 4 to 6, lol)

My mate said that Reason was a really good program, cept i think he said it was like $1000 to buy it, you could always try the demo...
You didnt hear it from me, but if you have a p2p filesharing network your on, you can download Sonar or Cakewalk i might or might not have gotten version 4.0 off one of these and it might or might not work SO GREAT, but it probably does.
try cool edit pro...awesome...one of the best out there....as the other guy said though, it costs waaaaaaaaay to much. so either get a demo, or get it the way that may or may not work