is there a website or some source i can get acid presets from, like an official preset website or user contribution type stuff? and do acid presets only work with the acid program or can i get presets made for a different program to work on acid? thanks in advance
what do you mean by presets?
you mean the loops you can get? or like those effects/equalizer presets?
plus, shouldnt you be able to get to the Acid site via the Acid Music Button? (i havnt tried, cos my room comp with Acid isn't connected to the net)
ah, the sound effects, lol, I have no idea how to even get them working, I tried adding them on for getting more Bass onto a Bootleg I did of the school band (done with my mp3 player,)(yes, I know, I rarely get chances to record anyone really good, lol).
I think thats the site where you publish your stuff, and you may be able to get some presets or at least tips on how to make some presets