Hello. I have several problems when it comes to playing guitar. Ill only ask about one now, however. What should do when practising guitar? Yeah i know, practise scales, learn new songs etc. Even make songs of your own.

But what if all the scales i know are done at max speed, and i dont know any songs i want to learn? What then?

I mean, im not the most patient guy out there, and it just isn't in me to sit practising a scale i know in and out, and probably could pull more than well enough. I know i should be doing that to become better at guitar, it just isn't in me.

So what should i do then? Im getting pretty bored from playing the songs i already know, they're so overplayed (by me). Also, i struggle with coming up with themes or riffs of my own, so that is also a big obstacle. What should i do then, when practising?
Learn new chords, learn chord inversions, learn how to harmonize, work on specific techniques.
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Whatever you find fun. If theres some songs you wanna learn, learn them. Also, try learning new techniques or songs which you find difficult. Set yourself targets to keep you motivated etc.

If you dont find guitar playing fun.... then you probably shouldn't be playing in the first place...
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Well, first go back and think what made you want to get better at guitar, and do it(if music listen to it), also take a break, if you play too much you get burnt out and don't force yourself. Try listening to different types of music( blues, country, emo. etc). I find that by expanding your taste in music, you greatly expand the riffs you can come up with. You can also just try a really easy, and fun song to play and jam offa that, by that i mean add on,ect. Also as mentioned above try new techniques.Chicken picking will keep you occupied for a while. The list goes on and on, you just gotta figure it out for yourself.
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Well, being in a band was my major motivation... So maybe it picks itself up if i join one...

I'm already listen to a broad range of genres though. But i don't listen too much to muisic, i suppose that could change. Hmm.

But whats chicken picking?
Also, i wanted to add that i live in an apartment complex, so i cant play after 11 o clock, and i generally stay awake 2-3 hours after that. But after 11, when i cant play, i long for playing the guitar, and i wish so bad i could play some, while in the day, when i've got the chance, im bored after 10-15 mins. Whats the deal with that?
Ever hear some old country and think WTF how do they play so fast, thats chicken picking.

Its like pick and fingerstyle, they have some zakk wyled lessons online.

Video google it. though its hard as hell

also see john 5
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"Oh baby baby yes yes YES! YES! *pinch harmonic*"
Ive always been told by my guitarist friends.. who have about 5-6 years over me to practice mainly writing my own riffs and themes and ****.. they always said it was the most important part of knowing how to play the guitar.. and as you practice writing riffs.. your technics also get better.. experiement.. use technics yoru seen or learnt elsewhere in riffs yoru writing ect ect .. i dont even know my scales.. i write all my stuff by ear.. practicing racing up and down the scales is a wast of time for me..

If you liek solos.. practice soloing.. the more practice yo9u put in soloing.. and playing really fast and precisly the better guitarist youll be over all..

IMO anyways..
Hm, I'll tell ya I can totally sympathize. I've been playing for a long time. For
a good deal of that time I was probably like you (and most others here).
Excercises, practcing scales... all pretty boring. I think you said before you've
been playing 8 months? That's not very long. Most likely, without very good
practice habits, you CAN still make progress. For a while. However, when it
comes to trying more demanding things, most of that stuff will be out of your reach.

I can tell you this: for the most part, the "boring" stuff, is the real road to making
fast progress and getting much better. Rationally, in your head, you probably know
that, but you haven't actually EXPERIENCED it. Without a good connection
between doing the boring stuff and experiencing the great benefits of working
on it, the boring remains forever boring.

It's more mindset and desire than anything else. Which none but you can change.
At some point, I really wanted to get better and I changed my mindset. I
started really working on the boring stuff. At first I had to take it on faith that
it would actually improve my playing because I didn't see a good deal of
connection. But at some point, and it doesn't happen overnight, I began to
see some dramatic improvements. Once I got to the point, and I experienced
real tangible benefits, the boring became much less boring. In fact now I actually
enjoy practicing.

That's just my story. YMMV, but I suspect it will work for anyone.
Thank you all for the helpful suggestions and things to do. I realize you're right Edg, and i do practise scales about an hour everyday. Thats actually mostly what i do + play some songs and improvise and stuff, so i land usually between 2 and three hours.

Maybe i should do it more. But anyhow, i just sat and fooled around with a song for half an hour and the time just flew past without me noticing lol. So your advice for me to keep improvising and testing my creativety really fuelled me forward, and im very grateful.

Ill maybe look up some more scales tonight, fool around with some other songs, and see what i can work out! Thansk everyone