Hey there,

I wrote this a while back, just re-recorded it now.

I got this on my 3rd take - though there are some minor mistakes with the second melody - my pinky just wouldn't stay still!!

Third one down


Holy sweet bertha christ.

That was ****ing sweet man. I really love classical guitar and Ive made up a few things of my own but that just blew me out of the water. Its really good. The playing and the composition.

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taht **** defiantly is good
i give you a cookie
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first of all, nice harmonics.
Started nice, but no real discernable melody going on, then the arps came in, nice dissonance in the bass.

Nice melody too, sounds very italian to me, i can picture this song playing during a mob movie, or maybe a jewish wedding. Liked it, nice chords and such, and your guitar sounds good.

Your guitar may have been a bit flat or sharp, or something, some parts just dont sound right.
Nice ending, too. the way it went back to harmonics.

crit mine?
I really really liked this.
The only critisism is that louder part towards the end-ish
but apart from that. That was really verry beutiful!