hi im a pretty good soloer in the fact that i have rythem but how can i make my solo better?
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Start with a theme, then make a contrast, before building up a climax (which can be either a tear-sheading note or a flurry of fast notes or something else). Absorb that and try it.
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by playing better? i mean, what do you expect us to tell you, you give us nothing to go with.

do you use legato? some slides, hammerons, and pullofs add quite a bit to the smoothness of a solo. do you use different note durations? playing a solo in all eighth notes sounds kinda dull, so throw in not just quarters and sixteenths, but half notes, whole notes, triplets, ect. to spice up the flow. do you stay in one position? sure i can make a decent sounding solo playing just in fifth position, but if i move to another position it gives a nice contrast, so i can go back to fifth position later and have the listener feel like we went somewhere and came back.

and remember: fast != good and wanking == bad.
theres an article on here about this...... phrasing..... you can phrase a 4 note solo and make it sound a million times better than a poorly phrased 12 note chromatic fury..... the better your phrasing typically the better the solo will sound. i personally prefer a decent amount of notes (more than 4) along w/ good phrasing, listen to how your faveorites do this and try to learn from them.
Emphasize (sp?) chord tones!
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^ Yeah - use the notes of the chords you're playing over to "rest" on, learn how to play that scale and extend it up and down the neck so you can have different tones to provide contrast and always have a structure to it ( accelerando leading to a bent note for a climax for example ).

Accelerando = gradually getting faster.
What I did to improve my soloing was play along to guitar solos from other bands. The difficulty seemed to increase as my tastes changed: Greenday - The darkness - Audioslave - Iron Maiden - Trivium - Dragonforce etc. As a result my soloing has improved and now what I do is watch music videos and live shows to get ideas of other techniques to use. Scales are good as well though I only really know 2, i just change those slightly depending on what sound I want, I have no idea whether i'm playing a real scale or just playing random notes sometimes.