I've been searching for somewhere in the Uk where I can get an official Floyd Rose, but so far i have failed miserably...

So i've been looking at licensed FR's, and found this one:


I was just wondering if it is going to be any good, or is it going to be a crappy one? For the price, it should be good. If anyone knows of any better ones, i'll be happy to hear suggestions

Also, how hard would it be to fit a floyd rose bridge into a body, when there is no routing at all. The routing shouldn't be a problem for me, but how hard is it to get them perfectly set up and aligned and stuff?

You could try eBay
or www.axesrus.co.uk but I don'yt know if they sell them, seem to sell everything else...
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I've checked axesrus... unfortunately they don't have the real deal FRs

Ill check ebay occasionally for a good deal, but i'm wary about getting a bridge which might turn out to be crappy. I'll check if my local guitar shop could order me a FR...though they'll probably rip me off.
Don't bother with the guitar fetish thing.. It looks useless, if you're going for a FR it needs to be good. Look around for Schaller and Gotoh, they're the best licensed FRs I know of (bar the Ibanez Edge but that doesn't fit in the same sized route.)

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