I use an Epiphone SG Special for most of...well, all of my music. And I wanted to customize it by adding an sg pickguard, and a whammy bar...but theres a few problems, 1) I dont know if its possible without damaging my guitar. 2) I dont know where to take it for this. and 3) No idea how much it would cost.

Any advice/answers would be greatly appreciated!
For an sg you can't use a strat style or floyd trem as the body is too thin. Something like a stetsbar or bigsby is possible. IMO it's going to cost too much for it to be worth it for a SG special.

Edit: thanks for pointing out the typo
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Yes, and Dave, I'm sure you meant CAN'T use a Strat-type trem or Floyd.

The Stetsbar and Bigsby are big bucks, so unless you think your SG is worth it, I would hold off on the trem.

The only damage you'll be causing your guitar is just making holes in the body for the SG pickguard.

Pickguard should only cause about $25 USD maximum damage to your wallet/bank account.

Might I suggest a hardware upgrade also, meaning bridge and tuners?
bigsby=a bit less expensive, but still pricey

but there's also a maestro, which i'm pretty sure would require not routing, but good luck finding one. as hard as it is to find one in good condition, they're not too pricey.

in my opinion, an SG Special is just fine for putting a whammy on. i think they're pretty decent guitars. but new tuners, and a new bridge if you don't get the whammy would be good investments.

^like stated above me, the pickguard will just need to be screwed in, and the holes are always filled fairly easily if you ever change your mind.
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