Recently, some friends and me have decided to create our own band. We have created some songs in GP, this being one of them. Listen to it, and please tell me what you think of it. Thanks in forward to all constructive criticism
Cold As Ice.zip
It's very bland. I'm sorry, but I just don't like it at all. Also, I think if you name it that there will be serious repercussions from an obscure 80's hair band.
Hm ok, thanks. And btw, there should be vocals there too, which I haven't had any time to add.
And hey, our band has just started, so there will be a lot of improvement
The intro/verse is ok, I'm sure it would sound pretty good with vocals. You shouldn't use it for your chorus. It should liven up a bit for the chorus I think. The bridge is average a bit bland nothing really exciting. It never really livens up. It stays pretty bland and dull. 62-73 just that synthesiser. Really boring. With vocals I'm sure it sounds a bit better but at the minute, no. Again nothing particulary exciting about the outro.
It's not bad but it needs something more to it. At the minute very bland. You can build on what you have though.
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I actually quite like it, the best bit's probably the bridge where the bending comes in. I quite like the synth bit as well, quite Opeth-like. Not cheesy, which suprised me. It'd be more interesting with a melody on top, but of course that's where the vocals come in. If it didn't have any vocals then it'd be pretty boring, but give it an interesting melody and it won't be half bad.

I agree with the point made about the chorus, though. You should make it a bit more lively, or add more harmonies/molodies in. The guitar in the outro is also very simple - adding a few extra notes, possibly speeding it up a bit, would make it more interesting.

Anyway - overall not bad, some good parts and a vocal melody would make it more interesting and definitely more listenable.