Ok, this is a method that I learned from another forum. I consider it to be more practical and musical than the standard root to root method of playing a scale. If this has been posted before or everyone already knows about it, then my apologies

Anyways, for the explanation I will be using the C major scale as an example.

Alright, now the main problem with the root to root method is that it doesn't apply to music writing or improvising. How many songs do you hear that just play up and down a scale? Not many. Sure, if you do it enough then you can get to the point where you can bounce around within those 8 notes and create a nice melody. But you're still limited by those 8 notes.

What I find works a lot better is if you practice a scale from the lowest note to the highest note in a given position, hereafter known as 'boxes'. For example, lets say I wanted to practice the C major scale, and all the modes. I would start with the lowest note (open E) and because I'm starting on the E of a C major scale, I'm starting with the Phrygian (III) scale. Anyways, what I would do is play:

E string - E, F, G
A string - A, B, C
D string - D, E, F
G string - G, A, B
B string - C, D, E
E string - F, G, A

And then go back down. While doing this it works even better if you say the note that you are playing (good for fretboard memorization) and it works BEST if you say the interval that you are playing. That way you can start to really HEAR what these scales sound like, and identify with them.

Then, after playing the Phrygian a few times, you can go on to the Lydian (IV), then the Mixolydian (V), and so forth, until you find yourself back at the Phrygian. Tip - you only play 3 notes per string.

This way you learn the scales in a much more open approach. Once you've got this down, you can go on to connecting the boxes, which I'm not as certain on. Playing 4 notes per string would do this, as would playing unisons, etc. It helps to know the fretboard pretty well when trying to apply this method to making music.

Courtesy of Pacman.

Again, if this has been posted before or something, then my apologies.
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I don't need no instructions to know how to ROCK!

Just because you can do something does not mean you should.