I'm looking at the two guitars right now: Ibanez RG321 and Ibanez SZ320...

One has Wizard II neck and the other one has SZ set in neck so I was wondering what's the difference between necks other than scale length? Is SZ neck much fatter or is it barely noticable?
^ Nope, the SZ has quite a wide neck, which isn't as "shreddy" as the RG. If you want to be playing superfast, the RG would be a better choice.
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The thickness differences between Wizard and SZ necks aren't really quite big in numbers, (around 2-3mm I recall) but they do feel quite different. You should try both types out in your local store. My current guitar is a cheapo Ibanez GRG270, and the necks measurements are quite close to the ones in Wiz II - which fit my hands quite well.
Yup, very different necks. Both are good though.
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I uberly prefer sz neck to wizard II, but thats my preference(I don't shred).
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THe Wizard 2 ans the SZ are complete opposites as far as necks go.

The SZ is quite wide and very fat, its a huge difference. The SZ has quite a nice feel in the upper frets though, so its reasonalby shreddable.
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AND isn't the 321 bolt on?
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Yes, but so are high end (Steve Vai's) guitars. Ibanez do really good bolt-on necks. A good bolt-on is just as good as a set neck.
The SZ neck is 2mm thicker than the Wizard II. And have set in neck instead of bolt on, 3pc mahogany neck instead of Wizard II's 3pc maple neck. The sustain on the SZ neck is better than the RG, coz it uses mahogany and immitates the neck-thru body construction.

Ibanez SZ Set-In Neck

Ibanez RG Bolt-On Neck
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