topic any good settings for it like metallica,acdc,black sabbath, and death metal, i bought it awhile ago because i was told by users here it was good ty
Hey dude, hope my post helps with your question!
For general greatness, try the following:

Bass: 3 o' clock
Treble: 9 o' clock
Mid: 9 o' clock
Mid freq: 9 o' clock

That should provide a pretty smooth "brown sound" ish sound!

Alternatively, try:

Bass: 12 o' clock
Treble: 12 o' clock
Mid: 10 o' clock
Mid freq: 11 o' clock



Bass: Maxed
Treble: Maxed
Mid: 3 o' clock
Mid freq: 4 o' clock

Hope I have been of use!
Never Max Out Any Of The Settings. It Cuts Your Tone Short, Even The Dist. Do It Just Shy Of Maxed Out. Also...mess With The Amp Settings As Well. It Will Take A While, But You'll Find Your Own Tone, And Write Them Down!!!!!!!!!!
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