for thrash/heavy metal what do you all think of those brands? i was thinking of buying the kerry king signature guitar but someone said bc richs suck, and other people prefer esps, so whats the story?
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and other people prefer

It's all there, and I don't know anything about BC Rich and Jackson but the mid-higher end are their only good ones I believe, and same goes for ESP. But I have actually owned a 400 series ESP and it's great, good parts and cheap price.
Someone said B.C. Rich's sucked? How about EVERYONE says B.C. Rich's suck? Only complete n00bs recommend them. They're garbage. Don't buy one.

I've heard that mid-high range Jacksons are good and that any ESP that's 400 series or higher is good.
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Yeah, forget the BC Rich. They may have appealing metal shaped bodies, but that's about it. The NJ series is decent, but not worth it IMO. Go with ESP, Jackson, Schecter or Ibanez. Best bet would be to go to a local store and try them all out. What's good for someone else might not be good for you. Good luck and happy shredding.
I own an LTD MH-400 NT, and I must say it's brilliant.
The mahony-body/EMG-pickup combo really gives off the metal sound you want. It's light, the neck is really smooth and fast, and the compensated Earvana Nut is true excellence.
It's a very very nice guitar for a mild price and I absolute love it.

Well, that, and it just looks drop-dead gorgeous! Beats any Jackson or BC Rich, any day!
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Someone said B.C. Rich's sucked? How about EVERYONE says B.C. Rich's suck? Only complete n00bs recommend them. They're garbage. Don't buy one.

Hmm that's odd... last time I played mine it seemed to give and old skool distortion tone to die for... oh yeah I forgot, they're 'Garbage'.

Play the higher end models, tithead.
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Yeah BC Rich's arent that great, especially the kerry king one, its full of garbage and priced way too high...ESPs, Jacksons and Schecters are all great, but Peaveys, Parkers and others with the right equipment will also give a great metal sound.
I would seriously take actual human refuse in the shape of a B.C. Rich rather than the real thing.

Oh yea... go for ESP. They rock.
i heart my jackson.
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they actually care about the customer, order it from the factory, but get it throught a store u know?
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i recommend ESP Guitars not LTD as they have questionable quality control even with their deluze model they do have some flawas also the difference in price for aussies is very small between esp standard series and ltd deluxe
Here are the "BEST" metal guitars <$1000. IMO.

Ibanez - RG321MH (Fixed Bridge, Mahogany body) - $280
Ibanez - S470 (ZR Bridge, Mahogany body) - $500
Ibanez - RG1570 (Edge Pro Bridge) - $700


Jackson - DKMGT (String-thru, Alder body w/ EMG85/81) - $700
Jackson - SLSMG (String-thur, Mahogany neck-thur body w/EMG85/81) - $1000


LTD - Any String-thur 400-series $850 - $950


Schecter C-1 Hellraiser (String-thur, Mahogany body, set-neck, EMG85/81) - $650


So, with that being said, go to a store...you know your price range try em out and choose which ones plays the best to you and BUY IT!
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In my opinion, BC Rich guitars look like the ass end of a yak ( except for the V). WAYYY over styled, and made of agathis sh!t wood. How much do you have to spend? If its around $300 get a used jackson dinky. My local shop has a kelly standard for $275. If you have around $500, get an Ibanez RG. if you have around $750, Esp LTD 400 series( or a similar jackson), and for a thousand, get an esp 1000 series(or comparable jackson).
Schecter's are also great.
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What are so bad about the BC Richs? Nothing a few changes can do.

they are made out of agathis = crap tonal qualities