Yes, it's classical gas again.

I vowed to re-record it after my first attempt back in January, so here it is.

There are a few mistakes here and there, but I do get nervous even in front of a microphone... and I tremble when I play live.

While im here, does anyone know where I can get the backing track to Classical gas?

It's the first one


eh...a few mistakes, but overall great. I totally feel for you man...even with video-recorders, I get nervous, but the show must go on.
Wow...that was really really good! I really have no idea what to tell you to fix, it sounded quite perfect to me. Wow again, bud, that's great. Keep it up.
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Not bad, it's okay. A couple of mistakes here and there could be better.
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you have an obvious timing issue where the fast picking starts, your cutting to the next bass note like an 1/8th note too fast
but helll i cant even play it this well, just telling you for your own improvement pretty good otherwise, a couple missed notes, but i know how you feel getting nervous in front of a mic, i dont get it, the second i press the record button i feel like im front of a crowd 10000 strong haha
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lol man good stuff i've been working on and off with this song for a while and i still suck at it