I don't think anyone has heard of these guys. Being asian, I've been looking for decent metal from asia, and I found this band from Heavy Torrents a while back. They're Power/Thrash with vocals that sound a little bit like Kreator's. What I loved about this band, were the guitar parts. I don't know who the guitarist is in this band, but he is amazing. Some of the solos in this album have the some of the coolest melodies I've ever heard.


8.5 / 10

Those are Japanese? No, impossible! Really? Stop kidding! Or is it really true?
This roughly had been my first reactions when I had heard "Violent", VOLCANO's debut for the first time. In the past we rather received Death and Black Metal of the not-so-very-high-standard or stuff like DOUBLE DEALER and CONCERTO MOON, but VOLCANO are a completely different calibre!

After the, very good in fact, intro "The Present" the gentlemen from Far East are serving us an excellent melodic Power/Thrasher with slight Gothenburg-influence with "Kill All Of Me" that blows your ears! Quite simple, thrashy rhythm, melodic guitars, rough, but still melodic vocals and a megaton of power (the mix is courtesy of Fredman), sounds anything but Japanese to me!

And that is not everything these four guys have to offer, because they are continuously varying both speed and heaviness, so you can suddenly find a calm piano-part in "Fear Of The Scarlet", amidst the powerful riffing surrounding it or are reminded of BLACK SABBATH in rhythm and riffing ("I Am 'What'?").

"Devil-May-Care-Boy" starts out almost Melodic Death Metal-like before soaring into a riff-laden track and "Volcano" itself is finest Power/Thrash at its best.

Altogether one could say that fans of bands like OVERKILL, VICIOUS RUMORS and co. should me very compatible to this album, because what these four Japanese sons are delivering is nothing but finest Metal!

For sure one of the best albums that ever emerged from the Land of the Rising Sun!

I dont' think they have a myspace, but here are some sample songs from the debut.

The Prayer:


Kill All of Me: