nice ambient tune, if you could make smoother transitions would be nice, what did you use? I listened but didn't hear your vocals :?
The beginning reminded of a video game soundtrack
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Can God create a hot dog so hot even he couldn't eat it?

Lyke omg D@ @p0OcpLpSYe.
oh well, the laughing sounded forced :P
but I can't really judge by conventional standards. the start of the track was all nice so I guess the vocals were too.
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Can God create a hot dog so hot even he couldn't eat it?

Lyke omg D@ @p0OcpLpSYe.
thanks for your input anyway! ive actually re done the track as i have the original mix and tried to make the transitions better, thanks!

i left the end riff (same as intro riff) as i wanted the transition to be sharp there
nice odd little intro thingy, trippy.

Did you play the bass and drums and such, or program them?

To be honest, i really, really enjoyed this, it sounds exactly what i hear in my mind a lot, and what i try and do, great tone, and very very very trippy.

However! It did not flow together for most parts, if it is meant as a collage, then it worked amazingly, if it meant as a cohesive whole, you need to work more.

Looking back i basically stole yawns crit word for word, didnt mean to, i didnt even read it, but he basically summed it.

Nice job mate.
thanks, i dont have drums, i didnt play them. if you listen carefully you may be able to hear the remenance of the original sound
but i got some samples and modulated them to make them sound wierd and possibly cool
the bass is me though. i played my electric and shifted it 1 octave lower :P

the song was never made to be continuous, however the flow was awful, i improved it a little bit. i guess its just the way the song is. its like in stages, not the way i originally intended but thats how it turned out and thats how the music is represented so i guess its done its job. if i changed it, it would be erm false...i know what i mean but i cant explain it
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