I´m a Korn fan and i´m trying to achieve their sound... I´ve got a Cort X6 guitar wich is for it´s price a GREAT guitar... Much better than my old Epiphone Sg300... Anyway, my X6 has that normal heavy metal sound... It´s suficient for my normal play, but i would like to put it more heavy... more deep, more low ... Something that the Ibanez K7 (Korn´s guitar) does beautifully! But since that guitar is way too expensive isn´t there any pickup compatible with my guitar (here goes the photo of my guitar: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/philipjames/cortx6.jpg) that makes that kind of sound?? Or maybe more radical... can i put the K7 pickups in my guitar?!
My Gear:

Cort X6 guitar
Crate Gt15 Amplifier
Digitech Rp100 Artist
well korn use 7-string guitars for a start.
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Well clearly kid, youre not goin to get anywhere near that sound with your setup!!

You need a Mesa Dual and a K7.

But for now, try and get the EMG 81/85 active set or passive you may want to go with some Bill Lawrences or BareKnuckle or Swineshead.

You could consider on getting a tube combo of ebay as well, can pick em up pretty cheap!