first track of our new album titled : "The Easter Risings Guide to Getting Girls Naked"

that song is going to be the first track for our album which should be finished by late summer early fall... that is a live recording but i will see what i can get up in terms of CD quality recordings in the future

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i really liked the intro, with the mix of synths and classical guitars. however, when the main bit kicked in, it all fell apart. the song in general shows alot of promice if you multitracked the main end section and got the acousic/vocal section alot tighter.

all in all, a well written song with alot of nice sections.
Thanks for the crit.
I pretty much agree with acidity - some of the parts didn't flow together too well and the guitars sound like they need to be turned up a little - the signal is all up-n-down-n-shiz.