comment please and a little advice would be nice

this is my first one, its the verse for a song i wrote

tuning- CGCfad


(8)= 8th notes
(16)=16th notes

there it is comment please
i just played it, not bad if ur going very heavy u know. personally not my style but its cool
i can play that song and its like one of my favorites from them and believe me its no where near similar
Honestly it sounds like a version of smoke on the water pedaled on the open power chord there
This is boring and it sounds like every generic metalcore band riff. If you're going to make something up, try to make it at least somewhat original.


Oh really, it sounds nothing like the Beast and the Harlot?
I play guitar
Not trying to be mean, but it's damn generic and boring. It has nothing original or interesting about it in my ears.
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Metalheads are the worst thing that ever happened to metal.
well it could still make it as a metal song

thats all they are pretty much :S just a few pinched harmonics here and there, a crazy solo and uve made it

oh and grow some sideburns