IM going to buy a subscription to Total guitar and there is a choice of two free stompboxes, the behringer dm100 distortion pedal and the behringer uc100 chrous pedal.
I have a 15 watt practice amp which has built in distortion but is weak imo, so would this pedal giver me a better distortion sound or shud i get the chorus pedal instead.
I play metallica, pantera, ax7, megadeth, AC/DC trivium,

Thanks in advance, t
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sorry to burst your bubble, but in the words of the fictitous father from "a boy named sue..."

"son, this world is rough, if a man's gonna make it, he's gotta be tough..."

with these words in mind, let me inform you that behringer pedals are not good. i know, for the most part, opinions about guitar gear are subjective, but if there is one truth posted in this forum, it is that behringer pedals are not good. they are unreliable, which presumably stems from bad parts and/or shoddy build quality. even when they do work, they don't sound very good.

now i'd like you to do a bit of soul-searching. has your decision to take out a subscription to total guitar been influenced in any way by the free behringer pedal offer? if so, i implore you to reconsider. i implore you to reconsider anyway, because:
1.)total guitar is not a great magazine, and certainly not worth the cover price. this in turn is because:
a)apart from the monthly "total accuracy" tab, there is very little here that will help you improve your guitar playing. the odd riff tabbed out, sure, but don't you already have UG with 200,000+ of those for free?
b)a lot of it isn't really about playing guitar at all. you're paying for a magazine which has lists of the "best guitar solos ever", mindless quizzes that appraise a decent score with compliments like "nice one, centurion", mindless interviews with "rock stars", full page glossy photos of said musicians holding a guitar, possibly sighting it like a gun barrel, etc
c)letters pages, loads of ads, crap journalism

i really think you'd be better off just buying a boss pedal (if you actually want a pedal) and coming on UG when you want tabs, total guitar is nothing to get excited about.

sorry for all the sarcasm and bellittlization in this post by the way, it didn't meanto come off all arrogant and "all-knowing", it just sort of came out. but anyway
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Well im certsinly not buying it for the free peal, i buy the mag every month so i figure i might as well save some money on the issues and i think its a very good mag not just because of the tabs but the other mag features and articles,

Sonim just gonnan get the distortion pedal free neways even id it sint could but itll be handier than turning on distortion at my amp.
Get the chorus I have it and it can do the small clone "super warble" Its not bad the only problem is the way the enclosure is made.
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