i have an Ibanez RG1570. its got an Edge Pro Bridge. Anyways, i just got a real sick set-up on it, and the set up was done for E standard tuning. I would like to put it in Drop D, do you think this will affect how i am able to use the tremelo bar, like will i still be able to do dive bombs and stuff without it going out of tune? In the past i have changed tunings on this guitar, i went from E standard to D standard and encountered a lot of problems and i was wondering if this would be the case again.

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It will effect the tuning because the tension on the tremelo springs will be less. But it can be done if you use this. http://www.tremol-no.com/ I haven't tried this but from what I've heard it looks to be pretty cool.
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^Just Floyds with tremsetters. Anyway, it doesn't work for you noobs caus you gotta stabilize. You can't just change the tension suddenly and expect it to stay that way for long. Keep tuning over and over until it stays that way.
d-tuna only work on non recessed floyd rose (note: you can get them for recessed guitars even schecter japan had a model that had that) and they have to be an ofr