I've got this old washburn that I want to redo cause it's just collecting dust and it was my first electric so I'd rather try and make it playable instead of selling it for parts. It's an ibanez RG style guitar. The only problem is that I can't find any necks that will fit my neck pocket specs. How much would it cost to get one made for me, like if I would send the old neck to a luthier?

I've looked all over the net and I can't find any necks that'll fit it because it has a larger then normal heel. Here's a pic:

One option I thought of would be to buy a pre-made neck thru like the ones they sell on stew macs site: http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Bodies,_necks,_wood/Electric_guitar:_Necks.html cut out the neck pocket and pup routing altogether, then glue the horns and body to the neck thru. Like this:

But then I'll have to re-route it for new pups and trem (I plan on having a wilkinson tremolo and changing to 3 singel coils), but I don't have the experience to do it. I have router bits and I think my dad has a router, but I don't know how good it'll end up. But I figure if I make a mistake I can always cover it up with a pickguard. The scale length of the neck is 25", and the scale length of my guitar is 25"1/4. Will that be a problem? Will the pup cavities, and the little part of the trem cavity cause a problem when glueing it together? And the pup cavities seem a little off center aswell but I assume it would be easy to fix that since I plan on using a pickguard. I figure all I'd have to do is rout a little more on the side that's off right?

What are your thoughts?
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Making it neck-through is going to be a bigger pain in the ass then you think. Why not simply make your own neck?
Never made one before, would it be hard to do? I want the heel to be the same specs so it'll fit the pocket but I want a thicker and differently shaped neck contour. I wanted to go for a mix of the SRV-Clapton (shown on warmoth) style V neck only a little thinner. Right now I think the current neck is as thin as a wizard, and that's way too thin for me.

Thanks for the help.
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You could just buy a 21/22 fret neck, and fill up the cavities and refinish the guitar and slap a pickguard on it (which is probably a good idea anyway, since you want SSS pickups),
I thought about that but the neck pocket is weird here's a pic of where the screws are and the back of the neck pocket arch:

Maybe it's just me but it doesn't seem like I could put a 22 fret neck in there, it just doesn't seem like it would be strong enough with such little amount of heel and neck pocket contact. But I'm no pro so I could be wrong.

EDIT: Plus the heel on the back of the neck would be way out of wack.

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