my house is a mess, and so am i. i havn't showered in three days there's something in my eye. just lay here on my couch and watch my tv screen. there's nothing on it, that black screen stares back at me. the only thing i like to feel underneath my feet, is that smooth soft feeling of some fresh lanolium. open the fridge door and take a look inside. can't find what i'm looking for, just close it soft and fall back to my bed.

cause i've slipped into apathy, there's nothing here to motivate me to get up on my feet, or to care about anything. my only energy's to sleep, so i'll just hide underneith my sheets. close the blinds so tight that i can't see the summer sky.

the world outside is falling apart. but, if i don't pay attention, if i don't care at all, it won't effect me, cause ignorance is bliss. it's a feeling that i like, not knowing what exists. the cartoon man can entertain me. i don't watch the news it's to depressing. i'd share my thoughts about the world, but, my attention span is short and i don't have that kind of time


called apathy is fun. with acoustic guitar and harmonica and such.