hello, i was told that u can only put certain chords together in a chord progression now i will be learning chord theory in a few weeks from my friend but i was just wondering if u can use these four chords in a progression




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Musically, figure out all the notes in all the chords, and if they don't match up to scale then it may not be nessicarily musically correct, but the most important thing I've learned in music is you can break the rules. As long as it sounds good, who cares? There are lots of song that use minor and major chords in succession of the same root and it still sounds good. The only problem with the chords you presented is almost all of them are minor chords. That many minor chords in progression may not resolve well into each other, but in the right order and strumming pattern you can make almost anything work. It's all how you present it. One note, xx0230 is actually Dsus2, just so you get the name right. But again, its all what sounds good. If you think it sounds good thats all that matters. Solos and such aren't quite as liberal, but with chord progressions you can bend the rules quite a bit. I'm no music theory buff so anyone step in at anytime and correct me, but I played the chords in the order you presented them and it sounded fine to me if you present them right.