Ok guys this is my first post on the forum but I have used UG for a long time now so I've decided to turn for some help on my first guitar customization. My idea is to take my current Squire Strat and maybe with some tweaks turn it into the Strat Jimi played at the Monterey Pop Festival, I know it wont be exactly like it but I want to get pretty close to it while staying around a $500 dollar budget.

This is what i got to work with (Affinity Series Strat)

This is what i want to the finished result to look like

I figure I'll keep the body and try and replace everything else (new tuners, bridge, vintage noiseless pickups, neck, etc)

So heres my question since my guitar is already has a metallica red finish and the Monterey strat has a fiesta red finish i figure i'll keep the paint job as is and go over with a white paint, so how would i go about doin that. Would i have to sand it down or just spray over? Also for the designs on the guitar should i use an acrylic paint cause i think thats what Fender used when they reproduced it a few years back, or some other method. Finally where can i find a new neck for the guitar? I dont have much expericene with on-line vendors so if anyones in the Houston, TX area do you have any suggestions. I know that was alot but its summer i have free time to finally mess around with my guitar so thanks in advance for any help you guys may be.
1) It's adviseable to sand down the areas you are painting over beforehand. So yes, you should sand some of the surface for the white. Just do a scuff sand and it should be alright, you'll just need to put clear lacquer over it after.
2) If you can manage it, I would use nail polish. If I'm not mistaken, Hendrix painted with nail polish (like his Sig V out now).
3) Unless the neck is unsuitable to you (rough frets, worn frets, bad feel to it all) then I wouldn't get a new neck.

A couple neck places (expensive to inexpensive):

Have you decided the other hardware to go with it? Pickups also?
If not, I suggest checking out these places:

These sites have A LOT of Strat parts and hardware. Guitar Electronics is in Arizona, so it wouldn't be too long of a wait.
I live in Houston, Texas and am getting a new neck but I'm getting it over the internet at wdmusic.com, i don't know if the guitarcenter sells necks.
Probabaly not. And for the detail work, any type of acrylic lacquer shoudl work, like nail polish if you want. Btw, your not going to find that sticker very easily , I don't think.
GFS has an awesome Jimi Hendrix Strat Set. They mimick the flipped around guitrs he used. check out at guitarfetsih.
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i'd say definitely nail polish for the flowers and whatnot, but lay it as thin as you can, because it really gunks up if not done properly, and when working with it, you usually have to sand and restart all over if you blotch the nail polish.

i'd say for sanding, just sand it lightly in the area that's gonna be fiesta red, and gradually roughen it up once you head towards where it's gonna be white. it seems to be fairly defined between the red side and the white on it, so i'd probably just completely sand the white side, and then just go in a bit at the red/white median, and then just barely touch on the red side at all, just enough to take some finish off, and get the paint slightly rougher than it already is. i'm just trying to get in a bit more detail than Super Analytical on the painting of it all, because i'm assuming you're as dumb as me when it comes to painting.

and i say get the new neck, since most affinities are really rough to play, and the frets are kinda weak. i don't assume you'd be stringing it left handed, but then it wouldn't have that Hendrix look if the body wasn't reversed, but you could pull off the look a bit more with a reversed headstock.

maybe even light it on fire and beat it up a bit for that final monterey touch.

here is the '97 replica, and i highly doubt you're gonna get one of the original backstage passes, but i'm sure someone's out there bootlegging them for this exact thing.
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Don't just copy Jimi's Strat, make your own psychedlic master piece

That's what I'm doing.
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anyone got a pic of the back of that guitar? I've kind of been toying around with making a copy of it as well (albeit right handed, with an inverted bridge pickup though...possibly a lefty neck as well)

edit: seems to be just red

though I remember another Hendrix guitar with a similar color scheme and he had some sort of poem written on the back. I think he used the guitar a bit in germany.
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^Your picture is dead btw.

I think it was probably pretty plain on back, as it would be a huge pain to paint the whole back of the guitar in nail polish
I'm not very active here on UG currently.
I'm a retired Supermod off to the greener pastures of the real world.

that there has some seriously good detail of the remakes' backside. but that neckplate would be a bit hard to find, and the trem cover, but you could always just sell your soul and get that one.
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Thanks for the suggestions guys, really helpful. Today im gonna go look around for parts, maybe try and find the neck, im thinking Fullers (guitar shop by my house) and probably go to GuitarCenter to buy the tuners, hopefully the bridge if they have em. and ill get the pick-ups later on since i dont get paid till Thursday. As for all the guys suggesting to use nail polish wont that like chip easily if im not to careful with it? Cause i know i can scratch up the pickguard with enough playing.

Anyway heres a link to a replica of the Strat as well on ebay.
Its not the original Fender remake but it is a pretty good job someone did plus it has a lefty neck. What color is that on the design, like a light greeen. I know it has a name, is it aqua?
The colour would be seafoam. The same (or close enough) to the colour of Tom Delonge's sig. strat.

And for the white part of it, it looks like it was just sprayed over the red. not taped, so there is the little bit of splatter on it.