I just purchased a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe yesterday. I played some last night and it sounded great. But when I tried it out today it made some crackling noises, mainly from the deeper notes. the higher notes didn't sound right either. I thought maybe it'll stop eventually so later on I played at a friend's house but it still had it. It is pretty noticeable and irritating to hear, especially when I just got it. Any ideas? I may hafta go back to where school is next week to get it checked at the store.
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Maybe the tubes, the EQ, ask people at the store by bringin it
tubes maybe? im not sure about your but does your amp get fuzzy when you put the drive up and volume at about 8 and master volume at 8
The stock tubes on the Hot Rods aren't that great. Change em out.
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i haven't even tried setting the volume past 3 yet. i'll probably go and get it checked next week.
a small logo attached to the front labelled fender is causing the problem.

Just joking, Fenders are alright. Maybe the EQ settings, in combination with the pickup you are using are creating feedback at certain frequencies.
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Quote by TehNez
The stock tubes on the Hot Rods aren't that great. Change em out.

^he has a valid point