I think I have a problem with my whammy bar...its much looser now. Before it would get completely tight when it was parallel to the input jack [on a Squier] and now its tightest spot is parallel to the bridge, with the end facing up. Is this normal because I've used it more or is there a way to tighten it?

Also, I just got my volume pot replaced, but now my guitar is extremely quiet. I plugged into a 50 watt Marshall and it was lower than my friend's Peavey Rage 15 watt amp on a low setting. Any suggestions on what to do, or should I just take it back for such a crappy repair?
if your talling about what i think you are ,you need to unscrew the back plate and tighten the springs
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check the wiring, possibly resolder.

check the screws connecting your trem to the body, loosen/remove spring

if not

loosen the two screws on the sides of the bridge a little to give room for travel.
got a pic to explain your first problem. and about your second problem maybe bad wiring somewhere
One- explain more

two- bad grounding or maybe your amp is dead
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Squier or a strat, the problem may be the same. The whammy screw thread may keep increasing or degrading as you tighten it too much, i dont advice you tighten it to the max level, keep it lose a twist. How to tighten it? easy, get a plumber tape, the white latex that ur dad or ur plumber use when repairing leaked pipes. And tape it around the whammy thread. Keep it nice and neat, not too thick, and screw it back in. It should be tighter and not as deep as before.

And about the pot swap or you would call it "repair", take it back to the shop and piss all over the guy who soldered it, probably he left something like the tone capacitor or replaced it with cheap stuff, ya know, ripoff kinda thing.
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i think what the first question is referring to is the tremolo bar needing to be screwed in further to stay tight. meaning you have been uver tightening it and have started to cut more into the metal, making the thread longer and making it require more turns to be tight.
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to readjust a bar, so its in a more comfortable location when tight, u can remove the bar and wrap a thin layer of plumbers tape around the threads.

that will tighen it up in there and give u a different end location. you would have to keep trying to get the end angle u desire.

also like said, probably bad pot or wiring, take it back.

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