my guitar: squire fender 150$ sunburst, some dents and scratches
added: hotrail pickup at bridge

i was just what i could do to my cheap guitar to make it really kool or to make a better sound for cheap anyone got any ideas?
"I will not rest untill the noise has stopped"-Vishus
how would you do that? and what color and paint?
"I will not rest untill the noise has stopped"-Vishus
whats the frankenstrat paintjob i've never heard of it?
"I will not rest untill the noise has stopped"-Vishus
hey, sorry to hijack this thread, but i'm looking to make the EVH stripes paint job on a n old guitar.

i took the thing apart, and now i need to sand it down. the thing is i have some sand paper, but not a machine one.
i was wondering if it was possible to sand the guitar down manually, and also if there are different kinds of sand papers (my mom used it to sand a door down, so i don't know i it will work with laquer).


PS: hows much would a machine to sand cost?
I got a hand held power sander for 18$ at walmart.
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yea its possible...i did it to my late 80's fender strat and to me sanding it down without a power sander makes it seem a lil nicer....although i have heard that the grain of sum squiers is nice...if its alder....just make sure that your wearing gloves when sanding down by hand as you need to sand with pressure on the pain to go through the paint faster...it will burn you hand/thumb if you sand without gloves...good luck and check out my build thread on it....

Thats the worst thing you can do, once you grow out of a band or find the dumb saying you put on ur guitar to not be funny anymore your left with sticky residue. Just try a paintjob, its a blast to do if u do it right. A few paintjobs ive tried was 1. taking parts of magazines and hodge podging (gluing) them onto the body, cover the entire body (or just parts if ud like) then glossing over it. 2. take spraypaint and spray it on a chunk of cardboard then swing the cardboard at the guitar making it all splattery, i did that with dark green, silver and black and it came out mint. Get creative, youll figure something out.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v294/loquito5765/absinthe/absinthe1.jpg <- thats the splattery one

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v294/loquito5765/8c1ac417.jpg <-splattered that one too

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v294/loquito5765/guitar.jpg <- magazine clippings one

Also if you dont wanna paint it, its easy to throw in a cut-off switch. Buy a normal 3-prong switch and drill a hole in your fretboard accordingly so ittle stick out just right, then take the live wire that goes twards your input and solder it to a prong, then solder the prong next to it to the input, then with the spare one wire it to a ground, it gives that (sorry if u dont like him) Van Halen sound, plus its kinda fun and its an easy way to get to know soldering. Good luck, and have fun
Yeah the magazine clipping one is incredible. How exactly did you do it? Could you please go into a little bit more detail.

BTW, if I was to give my guitar a paintjob or do the magazine thing, would I have to remove the pickguard, pickups, and everything?
You don't have to take everything off. I've seen a guitar that someone spraypainted on. Pick-ups, neck, bridge and knobs.

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EDIT: So yes, you should take everything off. Everything is basicly urning a screedriver for removing, except for the ground wire and input jack. Those have to be unsoldered.
you could try to add a:

Hot rod Bridge looks pretty cool adds a nice flame design.
Maybe a guitar decal sumwhere on it