Do you think I can make a pinstripe pattern on my guitar with duct tape?

How would it affect it? Like tone, sustain, etc

Here is a pic of my guitar (tell me if the duct tape color matches it)

hey man, there is a huge chance you would mess up, and have to take off a piece
then, you will get a nasty ass residue on it, which you dont want. and besides, your guitar is beautiful, not too many are as beautiful as yours, dont hinder the beauty
hehe, I bought that for 60 USD.

So what can I do to pinstripe it for a cheap price?

(homemade of course)

what about adding a racing stripe?

like from the end of the strap holder straight line to the neck

or even EVH style
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sand it enough to get paint to stick, paint it the color you want the stripes to be, tape where you want the stripes to be, and paint the other color on. Then remove the tape.
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If you end up removing it, I hear vegetable oil gets residue off well without screwing up the finish.
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hmmm....seems like an ibanez noodles model...
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Quote by Broken-pick
hmmm....seems like an ibanez noodles model...

yum, noodles.